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A Flattering Christening Gift for a Baby Girl

Personalised Christening Gifts

We always like to bring you gifts that are different and unique and our Christening Gifts are no exception!

This Baby Girls Personalised Decoration Flatterings is a perfect example of a distinct, innovative Christening Gift for precious baby girls.  This beautiful decorative Christening keepsake is made from frosted pink plexi glass and is personalised with your baby girl's name and her birth date or her birth weight, it's your choice.

Delicate and  exquisite to look at, this charming Baby Girls Personalised Decoration Flatterings really is the perfect Christening gift for a baby girl, or even as a gift to welcome a newborn baby girl into the world;  And because this dainty decoration is personalised especially for a baby girl, it will always be a cherished  Christening gift.




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