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A humorous Couples Gift to raise smiles, fun & cheer!

Purple Ronnie Personalised Couples Calendar

Purple Ronnie's adorable stick man character has entertained boys, girls, man and women for many years now. His witty poems and humorous cartoon images have raised many smiles and lots of laughs. Who wouldn't love Purple Ronnie? He's bright, bubbly, fun with a wickedly fabulous sense of humour!

That's why this Personalised Purple Ronnie Couples Calendar is the perfect gift for a couple in love, ideal as a wedding gift for the bride and Groom, an anniversary gift for a special couple, or even as a birthday or Christmas gift!

What makes this Purple Ronnie Personalised Couples Calendar so loveable and cute, is that every month's page is personalised with a colourful, comical cheeky cartoon picture, with a romantic Purple Ronnie match stick couple personalised with your name choice. It's charming, full of fun and has a cheery, feel good vibe about it that couples will love!

And there's more!  Purple Ronnie's Personalised Couples Calendar will start at any month you want it to start, which makes it a fabulous gift to a couple on the wedding day, a cute engagement gift, and an amusing, unexpected Anniversary gift for him and her.

Whatever the occasion, Purple Ronnie's happy humour and hilarious cartoon illustrations will appeal to all couples, young and old; and because it's personalised with their names will mean so much more to them and raise a lot of laughs and huge grins.    

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