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A fun Easter Hunt with a personalised surprise for the kids

Easter Gifts


Why not make an Easter Egg Hunt more exciting for the kids with a personalised chocolate bar with their very own name on!

Children will have so much fun, hunting in the garden for their Easter Gift, and imagine their surprise and excitement when they discover hidden chocolate bars personalised with their name, and a special Easter message on the back of the chocolate wrapper from you, or the Easter Bunny!

                                                         Personalised Easter Chick Chocolate Bar

 The Personalised Easter Chick Chocolate Bar has the most adorable Easter Chick on the front, looking cute and chirpy with flowers on its head.

                                                         Happy Easter Ditsy Floral Bird Chocolate Bar

Or there's the Happy Easter Ditsy Floral Bird Chocolate Bar, with lots of Springtime flowers and a beautiful garden bird. These yummy chocolate bars are the perfect Easter treat for little girls, made extra special with her name and a personalised Easter message just from you!

                                                        Space Theme Personalised Childs Chocolate Bar 100g

Little boys will love finding a Space Theme Personalised Chocolate Bar on their Easter hunt!  With a Space Rocket on the front with your young boy's name; and an Easter message on the back, his eyes will light up like the stars!

Kids will have so much fun searching, knowing there's a personalised chocolate bar out there somewhere, hiding, with their name on; a fun Easter treat for the whole family!  As well as being a scrummy bar of tasty milk chocolate,  these personalised Easter chocolate bars are a great alternative to Easter cards, and will mean so much more to the children. Happy Easter Chocolate Bar Hunting!



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