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Easter Cuddles and Chocolate Treats

Easter Gifts


This adorable Easter Basket with Blue Easter Message Bunny  with Cadburys Chocolate mini eggs is 3 Easter gifts wrapped up in 1.

The First Easter gift being chocolate of course! Children love chocolate eggs at Easter time and won't be disappointed with their very own packet of yummy mini eggs.

The second Easter treat is a fluffy Easter Bunny to love and cuddle at all times. Who can resist this gorgeous soft floppy eared bunny?

The third Easter treat is that this bonny bunny comes dressed with a knitted jumper, personalised with an Easter message just from you!  So whether you want to say Happy Easter Charlie, or Emily's first Easter, or even Jack's Easter Bunny, what a fun, original  Easter gift for your child, grandchild, any little girl or boy!

This Easter Basket & Blue Easter Message Bunny with Cadburys Chocolate Mini Eggs is all you'll need this Easter to make your child's day. A milk chocolate Tasty treat and a cuddly delight, personalised just for them, making their Easter gift extra special and memorable.