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All girls will love a Trinket Box

Stuck for ideas for Christmas? Receiving a trinket box will make any girl’s Christmas! Whether it’s your wife, daughter or dear mum, these trinket boxes really are a stunning Christmas gift for her.
All trinket boxes come engraved or personalised with your own message which makes this a truly unique gift.
What lady wouldn’t love a trinket box to decorate her dresser?  Stylish, sophisticated, traditional, modern, there are styles for everyone, young and old.
Not only do they look decorative, they keep your special pieces of jewellery or keepsakes altogether, safe and tidy.
The three tiered engraved heart shaped trinket box makes an ideal Christmas gift for
the girl who likes to organise her jewellery.
 To add romance to glamour, the diamante engraved photo trinket box is exquisite. For a more traditional look, the antique trinket boxes are elegant and stylish, the perfect choice for your mum.
Whatever trinket box you choose, they all come personalised, with your loving message. It’s a gift she will treasure for always.
Three Tier Engraved Heart Shaped Trinket Box       Diamante Engraved Photo Trinket Box             Engraved Antique Style Trinket Box             Engraved Antique Style Silver Plated Jewellery Box

Women know what they want for Christmas!

Now I know all men aren’t like this but I also know a few that are!  Most women know what they want for Christmas and will cleverly hint or leave clues for their men to pick up on,  hoping they have actually listened and took note, they  are well aware they might need to do this a few times so that it will sink in!

Does it though? The majority of times, it probably does, but what about when it doesn’t?  Rather than lose face and ask their beloved, or even one of her friends, they leave it to the last minute, hoping for inspiration, then rush off into town amid the crowds to panic buy.

Not a good idea, believe me (experience talking here). Although you should appreciate the fact that at least he got you something, don’t get me wrong, socks and slippers are always very useful and practical and it’s the thought that counts, but it’s not what you wanted or expected!

Women want a Christmas gift that makes her feel special, loved, one in million, and they want to feel worth it!

Lessons can be learnt here; Listen to your lovely lady, take note, plan exactly what you want to get her, and don’t leave it to the last week. Buy that Christmas gift for her that she always wanted, and for those men out there that already do this, well done and keep up the good work!




As Pretty as A Cupcake gifts are beautiful

The As Pretty As A Cupcake range of gifts are truly beautiful. If you’re looking for the ideal Christmas gift for your mum or Gran, take a look at the personalised As Pretty As A Cupcake Teapot. Decorated with yummy cupcakes all around the teapot, it’s a delight, and added with your personalised message on the back will make this a special Christmas gift for her.
Why not compliment it with As Pretty As A Cupcake large cup and saucer. This perfect set will brighten any kitchen!
If the lady in your life is more of a coffee drinker, the As Pretty As A Cupcake mug is just the thing. It can be personalised on the front with your name choice, and on the back with your own special personalised message.
There’s even As Pretty As A Cupcake personalised latte mugs, so whatever her taste, the choice is yours!
All of the range is made from bone china, is delightful to look at, and will definitely be a conversation starter!
Why not complete your gift with As Pretty As A Cupcake personalised card. Again, with your choice of name on the front, and with your personalised message, this is a gift that will be cherished for always.


As Pretty As A Cupcake Personalised Large Tea Cup & Saucer  As Pretty As A Cupcake Personalised Mug  As Pretty As A Cupcake Personalised Teapot  As Pretty As A Cupcake Personalised Card