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Faye Talbotts 21st Birthday

Help make Fayes 21st a special Birthday

We received the following email from Sarah Smith and was wondering if anyone else would also like to help or join us in sending a 21st Birthday gift to make Faye Talbott's 21st Birthday a special Birthday to remember.


 I'm writing to you on behalf of my dear friend Faye Talbott, who is 20 has been seriously ill since she was 11. She is now bedridden, in a wheelchair and fed by a central line in her chest. You can read a bit about Faye here and here T . She has spent 4 months in hospital so far this year and is currently in a hospital in Cambridge suffering with septicemia . It is the 3rd time that she has had septicemia in a year. It is Faye's 21st birthday on the 30th July and we are trying to make it really special for her. We are all hoping that she will be well enough to be at home for her birthday and to celebrate it with her family and friends. I am emailing to ask if you could possibly send Faye something for her birthday as she is such a thoughtful and caring girl and always thinks of others before herself. She has a rescue cat called Lily who has won several awards for being such a great companion to her including the Feline Advisory Bureaus Golden Cat Award 2008. If you put Faye Talbott into Google you can see articles of some of the awards. Anything you could send would be a great help and would really cheer her up. If you can help, please can you send it to Faye at her home address: 5 New Road, Eastbourne, East Sussex, BN22 8BT, England. Thank you very much, your time is much appreciated, Sarah Smith Friend of Faye

Hopefully we will be able to update everyone and tell you how Faye's Birthday celebrations went.

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